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Sep 16, 2020

This week Holly & Kate talk with the wonderful Amelia Twine about sustainable living, notably the food & fashion industries. From crops to tops, Amelia taught us so much about what we can all do to live a better, more sustainable life!

Sustainable Fashion Week:
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Sep 2, 2020

Season 3 of Diversify continues with another exciting comedian, Kai Samra, who talks to Holly & Kate about his debut show Underclass, & what his experiences of racism, classism & homelessness taught him about his place in the world. 

For more information on Centre Point, see this link:

Aug 19, 2020

We're kicking off season 3 with our first ever virtual interview! The hilarious (& lovely) Maisie Adam joined Holly & Kate for a chat about the future of comedy, being diagnosed with epilepsy when she was a teenager, and the problem with labelling things "normal".

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Jul 8, 2020

In a mini episode, before the launch of season 3, Diversify is back with a starter list of things that white people can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mainly, we need to seek out and absorb information (without burdening people of colour to aid us in that journey) but we also need to accept that we have...